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Hello, we are Quartz Inc.  A small group of developers with rich backgrounds in many fields.  Be it you require a website, a server setup, or even completely customised software, we can get it done quickly and with the highest quality.


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XDumpGO is a mass SQL injection tester and database dumping tool. It has an advanced dork generator and parser built in, an extremely extensive
injection testing system, and the fastest dumping possible. Designed with red-teams in mind, this tool comes with a console UI, and a web UI, soon to have a proper GUI.

Quartz Auth

QuartzAuth - Free, Secure Licensing for developers. Includes HWID lock, Timed tokens, In-Place Auto updates, and a fully featured panel for
managing your applications.  Currently supports .NET (C#/VB), but there areplans to support a multitude of other languages.  Rest assured in the fact that all communications done by QuartzAuth and QALib.dll respectively are doing over an encrypted TCP stream, so nobody can bypass with a simple hosts entry.


XoyTek offers web hosting services. Our services will provide you and your clients with a fast, smooth and lag-free web hosting experience. Not only this, but we also offer templates so you can get your site up
and running in no time! With constant 24/7 support
from our support team!

Quartz Sniper

Quartz Sniper is a Discord Gift sniper that is programmed in Go Lang, it snipes nitro codes at incredibly fast speeds that no Human can possibly keep up with. It also has multi token support so a user can freely add as many accounts as they want basically giving them access to unlimited servers to snipe nitro from.

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